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Dogs love to play. Playing is beneficial for the development of puppies physically and emotionally. Most dogs continue to love playing throughout their lives, especially with their humans. 
4 Paws Pure Tug Toys are made from fleece making soft yet surprisingly durable. Our tug toys is woven, making it more durable and shock absorbing than many commercially manufactured toys. 

Although not meant as a chew toy, if a dog happens to chew through it, the remaining toy stays intact, it does not unwind like braided toys do.
Tug toys are washer/dryer safe and soft on a pet parents hands during play.

Here is a quote from renowned animal behaviourist and author Temple Grandin's book "Animals in Translation: Using the Mysteries of Autism to Decode Animal Behavior"
"I want to lay to rest one standard piece of dog trainer advice. Playing tug-of-war with your dog encourages him to think he's your equal, which is bad. Other trainers take a slightly different view, which is that if you let your dog win a game of tug-of-war he-ll be less obedient, but if you win he'll be more submissive. 
However, a study of fourteen golden retrievers in Great Britain a couple of years ago found that neither of these things are true; at least neither was true with the fourteen golden retrievers the experimenters tested. The research had people either win or lose a series of tug-of war games with the retrievers, and then watched how the dogs behaved. The losers were more obedient after playing the game - but so were the winners. All the dogs were more obedient after playing tug-of-war with humans! And none of the dogs suddenly got more dominant. The winner dogs didn't display any dominance behaviours like raising their tails up high or trying to stand over the person they'd beaten. One study doesn't prove anything, but I think it's probably both safe and fun to play tug-of war with your dog, and it might even be good for him. Just remember one thing the study also found that the dogs who lost every time were a lot less interested in playing any more tug-of-war. Apparently a dog doesn't like losing all the time anymore than a person does."

For more information about Temple Grandin Books, follow the link.