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Bee Pollen
  • Bee Pollen
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Bee Pollen can be used with dogs and cats, it helps to boost energy and vitality and is considered a superfood. For dogs who suffer from the affects of allergies, Bee Pollen can help to boost your dogs immunity. It can also lessen allergies and bee pollen be used to treat an array of ailments, from skin conditions to chronic pain.

Dogs can have allergic reactions to bee pollen, including wheezing, breathing problems, and
even anaphylactic shock. Start with a few granules of bee pollen and check your pet’s response. If they shows no symptoms of discomfort, give additional granules the next day, and slowly increase the amount over several weeks to a maintenance dose of 1/8 teaspoon per 20lbs of  body weight per day, mixed with food.

Dried bee pollen (Vanderhoof, BC)