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3 P Tummy Tonic (Pumpkin)
  • 3 P Tummy Tonic (Pumpkin)
3 P Tummy Tonic (Pumpkin) - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.

3 P Tummy Tonic:

  • Helps address specific health issues
  • Promotes good gut health
  • Nutritionally dense


  • Pumpkins seeds are high in essential fatty acids and antioxidants
  • Good source of beta-carotene
  • Good source of soluble fiber and water content
  • Helps regulate both diarrhea and constipation


  • Gastrointestinal upset
  • A couple of teaspoons can firm up diarrhea
  • Can be used for constipation

Ingredients: Pumpkin (includes seeds and skins)

1lb Package (4 x 1/4lb portions)

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