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CBD Oil For Pets
  • CBD Oil For Pets
  • CBD Oil For Pets
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Humans along with their pets share something called the Endocannabinoid System, which means CBD oil can affect pets very similarly to the way it affects humans. CBD oil can offer relief for issues like depression, cancer, anxiety, arthritis, pain, seizures and more. Studies are showing that CBD can also improve health by boosting the immune system, acting as an anti-aging/neuro-protectant, improve skin health and GI tract issues. 

Here is a list of ways CBD Oil can help your pet, for more information please check out the link to our Pure Ingredients page which has more information regarding CBD Oil and its benefits.

Cancer, CBD Oil can prevent cancer cells from growing and studies have shown that it can even kill cancer cells and shrink tumors. 

CBD Oil is being researched extensively in the treatment of seizures. Studies show that CBD can reduce the intensity and frequency of seizures. 
Pain can be eased with the use of CBD; it works as a neuro interrupter to prevent the pain signal from reaching the receptors in the brain. Unlike prescription pain medicines, CBD does not have side effects that long term use of NSAIDs does. Pain caused by arthritis or other inflammatory issues, can be reduced with the use of CBD Oil. CBD interacts with receptors throughout the body and can act as an anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting agent. 
Anxiety and depression can present in many ways, however studies are showing behavioural improvements for pets suffering from separation anxietyaggressive behavioursnoise responses and OCD behaviours. CBD normalizes receptors in the brain and helps them to function properly. 
Loss of appetite can be caused by many things, illness, stress, injury, changes in routine or many other reasons. CBD Oil can calm the effects of situational upsets or if the loss of appetite is due to nausea, CBD alleviates nausea and allows the pet to eat without digestive upset. 
Pets that have been injured with often have a quicker recovery when given CBD Oil. Injury can affect many aspects of life however CBD can help with loss of appetite, pain management and even assist the body in healing quicker. It has a direct effect on the circulatory system and allows blood to flow to the injury and promote recovery.


Ingredients: Canadian CBD Isolate, Pure MCT oil